Europe’s most comprehensive tobacco control measures Ranking in Britain ranked first

Tobacco According to the British Independent newspaper website reported compiling ranked first in Europe’s most comprehensive tobacco control measures rankings.

This ranking is published in the European Conference on Tobacco or Health, came in second place is Ireland.

Report of the European Association for Cancer Alliance describes the use of tobacco control scale, 34 countries of the European tobacco control activities in 2013 the results of the investigation.

Evaluation of national tobacco control measures are based on a series of measure is considered to be a major component of the measures of tobacco control programs.

These measures are considered to be a major component of tobacco control programs include:

· By raising taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco price increases achieved;

· In public places and workplaces implemented smoking bans or restrictions;

· Provide better consumer information, including through public information campaigns, the results of studies of media coverage and publicity derived etc.;

· Comprehensive ban on all tobacco products, advertising and promotional logos and brand names;

· Printed on cigarette packs a large area and other tobacco products, direct health warning labels;

· Provide treatment services to help smokers quit tobacco dependence, including ways such as increased access to drug treatment.

Ireland and the United Kingdom, Iceland and Norway, a score over 60, came in the top of the heap. They are higher than the next group of countries score 4 points.

There are six countries in tobacco control has done a good score of 50 extra points, they are in Turkey, France, Malta, Spain, Finland and Ukraine, but even ranked in the forefront of the scoring charts in 10 countries, there are still a lot of progress space.

Common characteristics of these 10 countries are: tobacco prices, developed and implemented a comprehensive smoke-free legislation, to implement a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, and in addition to Finland, have introduced graphic health warnings.

There are eight European countries developed and implemented a ban on tobacco display legislation (By comparison, in 2010 only three countries have implemented similar legislation), there are 15 national print graphic health warnings on tobacco products (in 2010 only 6 two countries in the implementation of the measures).

Ukraine, Croatia and Serbia for the first time were included in the survey, but surprisingly, Ukraine directly into the list of the top 10 scores, even higher than in Sweden, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium score.

Overall, the State failed to carry out a new tobacco control action deducted points, ranked scoring charts declined. And developed a comprehensive tobacco control policies are leading the country in tobacco control action in Europe.

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